Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Movement

2012 y'all, we're all on borrowed time just waiting for the Aliens to come. It's been a minute since the last update, been busy and by busy I mean Lazy. Have a lot going on these days and finding a few minutes/ mental compacity to put together some meaningful words can be tough. Whatever the case I plan on rzarecting this here blog like the Rza from the Gravediggaz era. Lots of fun stuff in the near future, first and foremost this Saturday we begin "The Movement" with Rich Medina. This is the official new monthly 1st Saturday jump for Lazy Afternoon. It shall be a pleasure hearing the sounds bought to the tables by Kitty Bat, LT. Smash and myself alongside Philly's own Rich Medina:

-Stay Tuned

Thursday, September 15, 2011

De La Soul and Fela are two of my favorite music artists. The relationship between hip hop and Fela's Afrobeat mixes well like peas and carrots covered in melted butter. Met this kid Amerigo in Nashville a few months back when I was in town for the Boom Bap party. He was low key and humble, we had beers and I spent the weekend listening to his beat tape in the car. Dude even bought a make shift dj setup to this warehouse we we're staying in so we could listen to our record finds from digs around town, nice gesture if I do say so myself. Anyways unbeknownst to me he operates under the alias Gummy Soul and just dropped the cleverly titled project "Fe La Soul" which combines one of my favorite rap groups with the legendary music of Fela Kuti. Go ahead and grab it from the: source

Monday, August 29, 2011


Figured I'd re-up this for what would've been his birthday.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


: :

Started a thumblr cause all the cool kids are doing it. As for this blog I'll be back but for now just sekle.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No relation to Barry

1985 Jackson MS, Billy "Soul" Bonds layed down "Deep Inside My Soul". Found this Lp in the local antique mall and took a chance because you never know. Side A was speaking to me, was going to rip the vinyl but holler'd at DJ Google instead. Low and behold some other weirdo already had it up. "Because of You" and "Punkathon Affair" are bangers in my book, Billy drops knowledge over some 80s slaps and synths. "Love Injection" warns of the dangers of VD, 1985 must have been a good year for the dude.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy Afternoon Sunday

Here's a video of us having fun Sunday courtesy of Rexsposure. Mark you calenders the next Lazy Afternoon is July 3rd, rain or shine.

Lazy Afternoon from Karl Rex on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Boom Bap Nashville

Nashville Tennessee home to BBQ, hot chicken, Cicadas, formerly Eddie Meeks and a monthly party called the BOOM BAP. Moonlighting as a D.J. I arrived in Nashville with an empty record bag and an empty stomach. My dude Case Bloom came through and the digging/ eating tour commenced. The city was being held hostage by these bugs called Cicadas that make an appearance for 6 weeks every 13 years or so. They where everywhere but couldn't phase us and our mission for records and food, walk with me.

First stop was the Tucker and Bloom headquarters a spot where bags are hand made. I don't endorse much but I can tell you these bags are quality and come with a life long warranty. Had a new strap thrown on mine while I was there check the flavor: Tucker &

Of-course the first meal had to be soul food, ribs and a fried pork chop #softbody

Don't drink the Kool Aid.

Case got hot sauce on his shirt so he bought a new one while out looking for collectable vinyl.

We stopped by Jack White's immaculate record store. This place was had some intricate decor to say the least. They sell and distribute a series of 45s that they record on site and press in limited runs.

They also have a record truck, you know so they can go around pedaling wax.

Drank some seltzer water and spent the evening in a smokey bar where djs played funk 45s.

Ran into George Summers from Raw Shack records.

Turns out we have a lot of mutual acquaintances. "Hey you know Calvin at Park Ave records & Cds? Tell him George says Hello"

Spent the following day beat fishing and eating again. Found this early 90s rap gem sealed in the dollar section. I'll post a rip of it soon, it's raw.

Stepped on some Cicadas on the way to Boom Bap resident Bowl's spot. Listened to finds and geeked out on his collection. Case pulled this Sergio Mendes LP, notable as sampled by former Nashville resident Count Bass D for in the loop.

Always been a fan of Count, here's the Sergio song looped up:

This was an afternoon that would live in infamy as I tried "Hot Chicken" a Nashville specialty. This spicy fried chicken came from this spot 400 degreez. I opted for the 200 degrees on a 400 degree scale and can honestly say this had my insides tingling for hours. This may have been the hottest thing I ever put in my mouth (AYO) Hot Chicken is not a game, guard your grill.

Saturday we had breakfast at Mas tacos por favor courtesy of Boom Bap resident DJ Rate. This was hands down my favorite meal in Nashville.

Case and I shared some "Hot Soup" a def pause worthy moment in life.

We contemplated having a Crunk fish sandwich for dessert but couldn't hang so we just took this pic instead.

That night was the Boom Bap, this party was way too much F U N. Case Bloom, DJ Rate, and Bowls host this monthly and Nashville doesn't front, salute to the fellas for keeping it moving. Four turntables and 5 DJs rocking back back to back till 3 am, we really took it there.

Good to see Bowls carry (crates) on tradition.

Had a special un-announced guest swing through; former Tennessee Titan and Heisman trophy winner Eddie George. Normally celebrity DJs get the dillsnick also known as no love in this camp. Eddie is defiantly the exception, he really showed and proved rocking doubles of Kool G Rap like it was going out of style. A Philly native Eddie was no slouch behind the tables and scratched under the surface banging some obscure 90s rap gems. Really didn't expect him to bring it like he did.

Here's a couple promo vids from the Boom Bap:

This one is psychedelic, caught me ripping some double click flares at the end.


Peace to Case Bloom, DJ Rate, Bowls and everyone else I met in Nashville holding it down. Reporting live from the field, this is DJ YNOT signing off.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miami music week

Here's a recap of the game changing Miami Music Week. Peep footy from the Fools Gold Rap party, Hard, Ultra, and The Do-over spliced together by the talented photographer and all around good dude; Rexsposure.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deep Crate's "The Crate Show"

Be sure to check new episodes of the Crate Show Here